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The Trick photography and Special Effects Ebook is by a photographer Evan Shaboneau the ebook is amazingly written it has 295 pages of instructions, 9 hours of how to video tutorials and over 300 creative photographs. Like I said in my last post it doesn’t matter if you are a amateur, mother, father or an experienced photographer. Once you have read this you will want to get going and do your new foto tricks you have just learnt.

In Trick photography and Special Effects you are going to be shown the best kept secrets and photo tricks  for taking spectacular photos  that have to be seen to believed. You will also be shown how to use stunning foto tricks that other people simply wont understand.

You will be able to create beautiful photos

Light painting image




360 degree panoramic shots




freeze motion and take crystal clear high-speed photographs




And so much more.

  • Double exposure
  • Lightning photography
  • HDR and infared photography
  • Multiplicity
  • Photoshop tutorials

It covers everything even if you don’t get to use ever photo tricks in the Ebook im sure that what you have learned will make a impact with your photography.

There is only one thing you have to do now.

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Foto Tricks – Learn new photo tricks

Hi Renae here, Thank you for taking time out to read my foto tricks review on Trick photography and special effect website.

Note this is a review if you’re looking for Trick Photograhy and Special Effect website then click here

Why am I writing this? Well like all you amateurs, mothers, fathers, someone just looking for more experience in photography, are annoyed at how bloody expensive it is to get professional photographers to come and take my family photos as well as doing some amazing foto tricks so turned to the Internet as we all do and I found Trick photography and special effects website.

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